Captivating Images of the Natural World

Captivating Images of the Natural World

Captivating Images of the Natural WorldCaptivating Images of the Natural World

The Story

How It All Started

This photographic experience came to be  as a result of a very, very special friend of mine. One, who through her childlike curiosity and her inner desires to share those gifts with me, taught me the true value of taking the time to slow down and really look at the natural world around me.  

Being an artist herself, and through her encouragement, I picked up a camera and began to teach myself a different way to see.

The Adventure

Since I picked up that first camera in the early nineteen-eighties and my current passion at the time  was rock climbing, I decided to integrate the desire to be an artist in to those adventures.

This resulted in my first published work appearing in Climbing Magazine in February of 1989. Over the next fifteen years I would experience the supporting generosity of many close friends who gave so much to help move the process along through epic travel adventures, both here in the states and internationally. It was a grand time of learning, experiencing and learning some more.

During this time, I found myself also attracted to immersing myself more and more in to the landscapes  I frequently visited and the wildlife found therein.  I slowly began migrating away from adventure sports photography to where in 2004, I moved all of my focus over to landscape and wildlife photography. 

The Present

Now my focus is less on travel and more on fine tuning my focus on Images created close to home in Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert. Again, the ability to find intrigue and learning through the making of an Image is still teaching me a different way to see.